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We are a dedicated team of industrial and academic experts who are focused on providing you a one-stop solution for reaching business excellence. Our never-ending search for blue oceans for our clients’ businesses is our USP (unique selling proposition). Our experts have industrial exposure to bring rigor and relevance to the client organizations’ specific objectives.

SimulationsX has a pool of specialized on-table and computer-based simulations for gamification jointly designed by practitioners and academics. These have been tested and proven under various environments, such as from credited courses in leading Business and Engineering Programs to Corporate Workshops.


Our never-ending search for blue oceans for our clients’ businesses is our USP. Our experts have tons of experience in blended learning and experiential learning concepts.


SimulationsX has developed simulations on various areas of “Management Sciences”, and are available in on-table, computer-based, and hybrid formats. The biggest advantage is their localized anchor.

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Learning is a journey and it starts when you leave college /university and not that it ends there. Join our community of simulation enthusiasts and become a life-long learner.


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Our Simulations’ materials are continuously updated so that we are confident about delivering you value.


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A wide range of On-table and Computer-based competitive simulations to choose from. Our simulations are focused on Business & allied areas of Management!

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