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GIMPEX Simulation: Xperience the International Trade!

“Globalization & Import-Export Policy” Simulation exposes participants to the complexities of International Trade. They go through the terminologies and principles of the import-export process. Xperiential nature enables the participants to learn by doing. It uses e-Scorecard for real-time competition. Participants, working in competing teams, try to manage the whole process in realistic pressure-setting.

product number: otsim-npl-1801
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: SUPPLY Chain management; Trade
duration: 2 days

S&OP Simulation: Xperience the Demand-Supply Integration!

This simulation has multiple rounds. The complete Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) cycle is run according to Oliver Wight’s Class-A model. Terminology relevant to FMCG, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical sectors can be brought into play. S&OP and CPFR are a few approaches to achieving Demand-Supply Integration (DSI). A variety of scenarios are inserted during the course of the simulation to mimic the complex reality at best!

product number: otsim-SXL-2201
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: SUPPLY Chain management; Marketing
duration: 1-2 days

CPFR Simulation: Xperience the Forrester Effect!

First played in a non-collaborative mode, and then in collaboration mode, which is Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, & Replenishment (CPFR). Usually, the supply chain of the automobile is simulated. All types of Bullwhip Effects are witnessed, namely: Forrester, Houlihan, Burbidge, and Promotional Effects. Data Entry System is populated as information is generated and all KPIs are shown on an immaculate dashboard.

product number: otsim-npl-2101
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: SUPPLY Chain mgmt.; marketing
duration: 1-2 days

Warehousing Simulation: Xperience the Developmental Phases!

Delegates develop a warehouse from scratch. Different types of racking and unit loads are at their discretion. Realistic WMS is accessible to manage the processes, especially picking. Two teams compete in developing an effective warehouse as per factors such as Layout, Operations, HSE, Wall markings, MSS, MHE, and WMS. All processes from Receiving to Dispatch are covered. Intense physical work is paramount in this simulation!

product number: otsim-NpL-2001
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: SUPPLY Chain management
duration: 1-2 days

Lean Simulation: Xperience the Cultural Change!

Lean is just not a concept but a culture and most probably a mindset. In this simulation, participants brainstorm ideas to transform the process given to them into a leaner one. This simulation exposes the participants to TPS, JIT and Jidoka among other Japanese terminology related to Lean. However, this exposure will not be just theory rahter they have to live it up if they want to win in this simulation!

product number: otsim-SXl-2301
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: Quality management; Operations
duration: 1-2 days

Tariff Simulation: Xperience the Barriers!

Xperience the Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers imposed on diverse items that you are importing in this power-packed simulation. Once you Xperience these barriers, the simulation environment will push you to your limits until you understand these barriers fully and come up with innovative alternatives. Design thinking is key to designing the solutions in this game and delegates learn to employ such cutting-edge approaches.

product number: otsim-SXL-2302
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: SUPPLY Chain management; Trade
duration: 1 day

Negotiation Simulation: Xperience the Power Tactics!

A signature tool to assess the behavioral competencies of delegates by pushing them into various supplier negotiation scenarios. Your suppliers bring all types of tactics to the negotiation table because as salespersons they are heavily trained. But not you, as a buyer! A. T. Kearney’s renowned Sourcing Chessboard is used in this simulation.

product number: otsim-SXl-2303
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: supply chain mgmt.; communication
duration: 1-2 days

Six Sigma Simulation: Xperience how to kill Process Variations!

Xperience the environment of intense process improvement where the target is to achieve atleast $1M in improvemet via a six sigma project. As it is said “variation is the killer of quality”, the participants dive into a manufacturing or service sector’s scenario to kill this process variation before it kills our processes.

product number: otsim-SXL-2304
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: Quality management; operations
duration: 1 day

Financial SC Simulation: Xperience the Impact of SC Decisions on Finance!

It is key to understand the financial implications of our day to day decisions. This simulation provides the visibility of such decisions, whether these decisions are at the strategic, tactical or operational levels. It not only raises the acumen of the delegates in supply chain management but also in the finance discipline.

product number: otsim-SXl-2305
Type: on-table simulation
discipline: supply chain management; finance
duration: 2 days

Inventory Management Simulation: Xperience the seesaw of stockouts & excess stocks!

Which one is a lesser evil: excess stock or stockouts? Seasoned Inventory Planners know the difference as they can appreciate the quantum of variables that Inventory Decisions entail. Striking this balance is vital for businesses to meet customer demand, maximize revenue, & minimize costs. Leveraging this online simulation, you and your delegates can enhance decision-making to help maintain optimal inventory levels ensuring that the right products are available at the right time.

product number: oLsim-SXL-2305
Type: onLINE simulation
discipline: operations
duration: 1 day

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