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We design and sell simulations. These are advanced pedagogical tools for achieving various outcomes. These are popularly known as “Gamifications”. Our most popular simulations are on-table ones; however, we have online simulations as well.

The technology layer is a pivotal piece of our simulations, which include slide packs, videos, easy-to-use data entry panels, and dashboards to manifest vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Businesses use our simulations primarily for the following two reasons: (a) to up-skill their employees (we call them delegates); (b) to assess new candidates for their aptitudes and competencies, to place them in a matching department.

HEIs use our simulations for the following two reasons: (a) to up-skill their faculty members for designing and conducting simulations; (b) to prepare the senior batches of students for competitive local and global careers.

The Box has all the material to run one complete iteration of a particular simulation. If a business or a higher education institution buys the box, then they receive a subscription to the following for one simulation iteration: (a) access to online material, i.e., slide packs and videos, (b) access to data entry system, (c) access to the dashboard of KPIs, (d) online and/or face-to-face train-the-trainer sessions (paid), and (e) online feedback forms. There are certain conditions that apply to these offerings for which the clients are requested to contact sales.

In this way, organizations can run the simulations for their own employees or students conducted by their own trained employees or faculty members. Subscriptions to online material can be renewed as per terms and conditions.

The majority of our simulations are of competitive nature, i.e., the delegates are divided into teams that compete against each other to achieve an objective.

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